Need an eCommerce site that doesn’t look like an eCommerce site?

Or functionality that suits your business, rather than a one-size-fits-all online store? Or maybe you need an eCommerce site that marketing people can tweak and tune for product launches, daily specials, and to match the seasons?

You may be after ToolTwist Cloudmall...


  • Cloud based architecture and deployment (works great with Amazon AWS).
  • API architecture built on the node.js platform provides amazing performance, and the RESTful interface is ideal for modern mobile and IoT, Internet of Things devices.
  • Industrial strength search providing heuristic search and facet counts.
  • Supports multiple payment gateways via a plugin architecture.
  • PayPal support out of the box.
  • PCI compliant payments.
  • Self-contained warehousing and dispatch module.
  • Synchronisation plugins available for ERP integration, with OpenERP integration out of the Box.

ToolTwist CloudMall is an eCommerce system built from the ground up with a micro-services architecture. That means that it is constructed from dozens of individual pieces that can be pulled apart, and put back together in different configurations.

If standard package solutions don’t satisfy your requirements, or you don’t want to spend like a large corporation, Cloudmall can be your answer. CloudMall’s hyper-extendable design gives it the flexibility required for “special needs” eCommerce.

The following sections describe some of the ways our customers use Cloudmall, but feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss alternatives - we specialise in special requirements.

Option 1 -
Curated Cloud-based eCommerce

TWe can build and host a business-specific eCommerce system for you.

It sounds obvious, but if you want to be “different from the rest” then you need to be “different from the rest”. A generic eCommerce solution won’t set you apart.

Twist Resources’ customers come from a wide range of industries, with widely differing business requirements, so we build them bespoke systems using prefabricated components and new development as required.

We’re happy to set up and host a site for you, that does what your business needs.

Option 2 -
Use our Cloud Based Micro-Services

If you develop your own software, CloudMall can provide hosted services to augment your application’s eCommerce needs.

CloudMall allows you to concentrate on your unique strengths and building your killer application, rather than worrying about the humdrum of eCommerce.

Cloudmall’s TEA (ToolTwist eCommerce Accelerator) can provide an eCommerce back-end to an existing website or mobile app.

Or use the Cloudmall online store front-end to feed orders to your existing back end processes or ERP system.

Or, use ToolTwist Designer for CMS functionality that allows your product marketing people to tweak your website and continually present a fresh face to the world.

Option 3 -
Roll Your Own

All of ToolTwist’s solutions, including Cloudmall, are available as cloud-based solutions, but are also available for in-house use. You choose whether you host a complete system, or to just use parts of CloudMall as embeddable components for your development teams. Treat us as an all-in-one black box, or pick and choose the parts you need - our micro-services architecture makes it easy.

Every ToolTwist component, including the Designer, Cloudmall,, ToolTwist Forums, and the developer Workbench, are available in hosted binary, source code, or Docker container form.

    • Also includes:
  • MailChimp and LYONESS integrations
  • Support for your Affiliate Programs
  • Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
  • Logistics
  • Currency conversions

ToolTwist CloudMall

For special-needs eCommerce.
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