is a cool new way
of Interacting with public TV displays.

The Why

We've all heard about Retailers concerned about losing customers to online stores. To counter this, most have creed their own online stores. Unfortunately however, many are finding that their marketing effort, brand awareness and customer loyalty are not transferring well from their retail business to their online business.

The reason why is actually pretty simple... if a shopper likes a product, but leaves the store before they've completed the decision to buy, and are still thinking about it when they get home, they turn to the first available information source - the Internet. They go into Google, type in the product name, and up comes a list of 101 websites selling the product. About that time the customer ceases to think about the store where they saw the product. is a technology - and sales tool - designed to help address that issue.
  • Firstly, by helping the potential customer to make the decision to buy while still in the store.
  • Secondly, directing the customer to the retailer's own online store, rather than a competitors.

So how does it do this? is a cloud based service that allows any HTML-based retail display to be converted into an interactive retail display. A shopper simply points their mobile phone at a QR code, and it becomes a simple remote control for the display. As they browse details of a product on the display, several good things can happen:

  1. If the user is after specific information, they can get it without asking a sales assistant (who will usually read it off the side of a box!).
  2. Many products look far more glamorous on a large video display that hanging on a rack.
  3. Passers-by may be curious, and also stop to look at the display.
  4. Engaging the user is the great step towards helping a potential customer become an actual customer - some people just need the time to make a decision.

With a nicely created retail display, with great presentation and useful information, the customer will hopefully come to the decision to buy while still there in the store. If they don't however, all is not lost...

Once they stop using their phone to interacting with the retail display, the remote displayed on your shopper's phone turns into an "Interest List" - a list of items they spent time to view on the retail display. This list continues to tempt them after they leave the store, and if they have a genuine interest in the product then clicking on the image will lead them directly to your website - bypassing Google and those 101 competing online stores,

How do I use it?

At the current time is a simple technology to be used by people who create retail displays. At ToolTwist we can create retail displays, if you are interested, but we accept that there a businesses who specialize in multi-media marketing and sales displays, who are probably better at it than us.

If you are interested in having retail displays, or you are considering partnering with us to use this technology, feel free to contact us.

Alternately, if you'd like to simply experiment with the API and try this technology with your own displays, feel free to register and give it a try.

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