Meet Marvin.

Marvin is a dozen specialists in a single body.

  • One of the world’s best web developers.
  • A programming guru.
  • An amazing product marketer and writes killer copy.
  • A fantastic graphic artist.
  • Knows the APIs of 497 open source technologies.
  • Connects ERP, CRM, payment gateway and legacy systems with ease.
  • Creates content that goes viral.
  • Incredible support guy, sets up servers in minutes.
  • Updates web content daily, to keep customers engaged.
  • And much more.

Marvin is awesome. He’s so amazing we wish we had a dozen of him.
The problem is we don’t, and Marvin will only work 90 hours a week.

Multi-discipline guys are hard to find, expensive, and because they lack guru skills in any discipline, the output of such teams is often mediocrity.

At Twist, our mission is finding ways to work without Marvins.

#1 We recruit the best guys we can find within each discipline - marketers, programmers, web developers, testers, and devops.

#2 Our ToolTwist development environment allows these guys to work independently, but brings the pieces together.

#3 When we develop something cool, ToolTwist helps us componentize it so it can be used on other projects. We now have eCommerce engines, social media, retail displays and more.

Finally, we wrap up the whole process with Agile development practices.
Does it work? Sure does, check out our customer stories.
  • Marketing people can update websites without technical help.
  • Developers create reusable components that get assembled to create sites.
  • Web developers can tweak the appearance at any time.
  • Complex logic remains isolated and reusable.
Fast development, Reduced costs, Better result, Simplified maintenance

We roll out projects at a furious pace, for startups and our corporate customers alike. Take a look at our news feed to see some of the more interesting projects.

We've had so much success with this approach, we're now sharing our ToolTwist with the world. If you're building an Internet business, or you're an industry specialist, feel free to look into our cost effective, development team friendly solutions and share our benefits.

One last thing... If you are a Marvin, we tip our hat to you.
[Sure hope you appreciate the accolades, because you can’t be getting much sleep].
Because there aren’t enough Marvins.