ToolTwist is a web development platform that allows marketing people to design and build sophisticated websites while still allowing technical guys to do their magic behind-the-scenes. At the same time, sophisticated audit and approval processes ensure management retain control.

What is ToolTwist?

ToolTwist is a web development platform aimed at enterprise and mid-sized companies. Its unique concept empowers marketing people to design and build sophisticated websites using and reusing SmartWidgets™ created by independent technical programmers. Non-technical designers can then take SmartWidgets™ from a palette of SmartWidgets™ and assemble them easily to create landing pages, product pages and new pages, and deploy them on the fly with appropriate management approval and control as necessary. MacMall, the world's largest Apple distributor, manage 9 sites continually updating competitive pricing as often as 25 times per day, integrating, publishing, deploying and performance optimising without 'any' technical involvement.

Why ToolTwist?

ToolTwist has been developed specifically to leverage creative and technical teams collaborating remotely so our own customers maximise productivity and elevate quality to a new high.

ToolTwist inherently manages site integration, performance and rigorous, secure deployment so refinement continually lifts the quality of your online services.

ToolTwist only gets better as projects scale to accommodate deadlines, performance benchmarks, transaction volumes and complexity. From MacMall down, we can meet the needs of the most demanding clients.