Real Estate Solutions

Together with Tooltwist, various solutions and services were developed that are catered for Home Buyers and Sellers, Property Investors, Renovators, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Valuers, Wealth Managers and Property Developers. These helps individuals and businesses make more informed decisions, communicate more effectively and get better results.

  • Investor Scores
  • Integrated Mapping (provides easy references on housing prices).
  • CMA Reporting (sharper reporting options help you make the best impression with your customers).
  • Performance expandability.
  • Highly Maintainable.
Property Value Australia

Unparalleled insight into Australian property. Access the same insights used by real estate agents and big 4 banks.

Property Value New Zealand

New Zealand’s leading source for detailed property reports, insights for confident property decisions based on analytics and instant valuation services.

Property Guru Mobile

Access the same best-in-class property data in NZ while on the go. The convenient mobile app lets you research the market from the comfort of your local coffee shop, create and deliver reports in-between meetings, and respond to potential prospects without needing to be at your desk.

RP Data

Thousands of property professionals rely on RP Data to grow their business and provide superior insights to clients. RP Data delivers a full suite of intuitive tools designed to help you: secure more appraisals, win more listings, and improve business efficiency.

RP Data Mobile

Gives you access to vital property and market information anywhere, anytime, enabling your business to be truly mobile. Provide superior customer service while on the go with the ability to generate property, suburb and valuation estimate reports, view the latest data and market trends, and create a CMA all from your phone.

Rent Rabbit

Open up rental with insights, even up rental with reviews, amp up rental with people power.