Fitness & Personal Care Solutions

Solutions for those who want to be fit, fitness coaches and fitness business holders with cashflow automations. Being fit is not enough, you should also know what ingredients in beauty products do to your skin to prevent allergies so you make informed decisions the next time you buy.

  • Different plans available for people who wants to be fit, fitness coaches and even gym or business owners that they can use for their clients or members.
  • Professional CRM and bookings designed by fitness professionals for fitness professionals.
  • Analyse posture, create customised program based client needs and track progress using reports and charts.
  • Wide range of scientifically tested cardiovascular training templates and guides based on proven science.
  • Manage cashflow from personalised client contracts and invoices to online payments.
  • Trigger point locator by LifeAfterPain to find myofascial trigger points in muscles.

goXpro is a personal training success platform that enables personal trainers, studios and gyms to run their fitness business from one complete, coaching and fitness business platform.


SkinCabin is here to help you find the right product for your skin using its comprehensive skin care ingredient descriptions database.